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Gonorrhea ravages the Swedes big as Stockholm hit hard with growth in sexually transmitted disease.

Monday, 26 September 2011
Sexually transmitted disease in Sweden continues to grow as Stockholm came under attach from increasing gonorrhoea infection. This is a continuation in a phenomenon that had started last year.

According to the figures from the Swedish Institute of Infectious Diseases the number of cases to infection due to sexual transmission has looks to increase.

According to the latest statistics from the Disease Control, the number of cases of gonorrhoea increased by 18 percent between January and August compared to last year. So far this year 615 cases have been detected while 519 infected cases were treated during the same periods of 2010.

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital has stood out as the most affected area in the country as in Stockholm, the increase is even more pronounced. There are nearly 45 percent more tested positive for gonorrhoea here compared to the record year 2010. But the increase does not apply to the entire country. It differs substantially from county to county. Of the 21 counties it has increased in nine and declined in the same number. In Dalarna, Kronoberg and V´┐Żrmland the number of infected are as many as last year.

Hakan Nevall, operations manager for RFSU clinic in Stockholm, believe that a modified approach to protected sex may be responsible for the increase.
“We are not as afraid of STDs anymore. People protect themselves worse today than in the 90's when the fear of HIV was rife. In addition, we travel a lot more today and get infection in other countries.”
By Scancomark.se Team

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