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Evidence that dull parents have obese children – Swedish research

Thursday, 29 December 2011
As the fight against obesity and its affiliated health problems continues, more studies are continues to determine where the source of obesity is and how more intervention could be applied.

In a new provocative but, likely truthful observation, a study from university of Stockholm show that parents' lifestyles affect children's health significantly.

The research examined 602 families with a total of 1000 children, residing in the Uppsala region. The conclusion: The children of physically active parents had better health values and were less overweight.

The result would likely not seem so surprising, but according to the researchers, it is extremely obvious with the connection between several public health problem where more clearly than one may imagine, several factors such as - High Cholesterol, High blood pressure, Overweight and obesity as well as High levels of obesity hormone leptin is stock in the blood.

According to the researchers behind the study, it is probably the whole lifestyle that is reflected, and parents who do not exercise and also smoke, eat probably worse, according to the researchers.

“Families where parents have a healthier lifestyle with plenty of exercise and not smoke eat probably better and this is also reflected in how the children in the family feel,” says Liisa Byberg at Uppsala Clinical Research to the newspaper, Upsala Nya Tidning.

Previous studies have shown a clear link between health and family education and economy. No such correlation was seen in this study, which surprised the researchers.

However, it was quite small differences in wealth between families, which may have contributed to why the differences could not be seen.

Now, researchers plan to follow up these children's health in the future, to also see if the children's long-term health in adulthood will be affected by their parents' lifestyle during their childhood.
By Scancomark.se Team

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