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Swedish banks with the largest amount of dissatisfied customers are…
Friday, 06 January 2012
We know that many Swedish organisations are lagging when it comes to customer satisfaction but recently with the increasing economic uncertainty, focus has been placed on banks. How can a bank calm down and provide the care and satisfaction customers need at this time to meet their objectives.

The Swedish Consumer Complaints Board received over 400 complaints against banks and financial institutions in 2011. Banks in particular are so big and not so diverse that  dissatified customers have no where else to go  for all the big banks operate like one. This does not however mean that banks are not doing their best to satisfy their customers.

The number of reports to the Board for Consumer Complaints, ARN, against banks and financial institutions fell last year. In total there were 427 notifications submitted to ARN in 2011, compared with 480 in 2010.

Swedbank top the list of the bank with the most number of complaints to 85. Nordea received 47 notifications, 27 SEB and Handelsbanken 23. That don’t seem to be much but given that we are in a small country, Sweden with about 9 million customers, it does look much.
Actually these are cases that banks and customers have failed to resolve among themselves.

When ARN summarized the first half of 2010, it showed that customer had been fully or partially correct in only 20 percent of the cases.

The long-running battle for Acta Asset Management, which invested savers' money in bonds issued by Lehman Brothers is also evident in the statistics. Acta handled last year 33 complaints on them.

Many complaints were dismissed also directly since it requires that the matter should be at least above Skr 2000, or that they arrived too late.

A large proportion of the complaints against the major banks had to do with unauthorized transactions with their cards. It is often about someone taking out money from the complainant's bank card.
By Scancomark.se Team

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