Which are some of the best global 15 cities in the world for business start-ups? Stockholm is one them


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Tuesday, 12 July 2011
If the Idea is to start a business, then Stockholm is a place to be according to latest assessments of the best cities to start a business in the world.

The US business magazine, Fortune Magazine which traditionally rank these types of things has determined that the Swedish capital as one of the best cities for business in the world.
In a new ranking published this week, Fortune Magazine, looking for the best places in the world where business happens reduced their finding to 15 and among them is Stockholm.


“That more people are becoming aware of Stockholm is a great thing. The capital is becoming a big city for real, not least thanks to the strong economy and the rapidly growing population,” says Mary Rankka, president of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Fortune Magazine talked with business leaders to identify the characteristics of a desirable business climate. Cities with the young population, growing assets and good infrastructure were popular.

Apart from Stockholm there was also Warsaw, Poland, Vancouver in Canada and Bogot´┐Ż in Colombia on the list. Maria Rankka think Stockholm educated population is one of the city's strengths.
“We have a high educational level and easy to embrace new technology. Another strength is that there is a large broad base. Stockholm is not dependent on an individual company or an individual sector, which provides strength in times of economic crisis,” she says.

According, for Maria Rankka it is not only economic policy that is important in a good business town. For a company to attract the right people is also important that the city has other qualities such as good schools and a rich cultural life.

She believes that the big challenge is keeping up with the rapid growth, such as housing.
“If a company is headquarters in Stockholm, to attract a person from abroad require the person should be able to have a home here. As it stands now, Stockholm has a serious housing shortage,” said Mary Rankka.
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