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Poor economy forces Swedish Red Cross to cut workforce - 70 more to go

Saturday, 21 April 2012
Workforce retrench in the Swedish arm of Red Cross continue as its economy continues to remain weak after scandals of misused that hit the organisation in 2010.  Now the organization wants to terminate 70 employees as majority of its regional offices are to be closed.

This is the effects of the poor economic situation of the organisation caused by the  stoppages of contribution mean that the main source of their money – donation have been curtailed.

The story goes that in two years nearly half of the Red Cross employees of the Swedish arm of the organisation have lost their jobs. This blamed on the organization’s deteriorating economy. Prior to its annual report to be presented next week, it is now revealed by the Secretary, Ulrika Årehed Kågström that the organisation plans to sack 70 officers around the country.

The cutbacks will continue for the organisation to have a balanced budget for 2014-2015, according to Kågström.

The cuts mean that 12 of the 16 regional offices of the Red Cross as from today will have to vanish. Activities will instead be run by volunteers.

The Swedish Red Cross was rocked by embezzlement scandal a few years ago and that confidence has not been regained. The effect has been that the Swedish Red Cross has continued to lose members. Last year, 28 000 members left and the year before 44 000 members were lost.
Despite that Årehed Kågström still feels that there organisation has continued to performed well and that thing have been some how positive despite the declining number of members.

Confidence after the scandal of 2010 have left the organisation very fragile, according to Årehed Kågström, but it is beginning to improve.
“We notice that more volunteers are looking to us, as well as people who want to get involved,” she said.

The Swedish Red Cross's main focus, she adds, and it is the prioritized activities for the most vulnerable, such as undocumented, migrants and victims of torture that could be handled.
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