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Reward for failure – how million are paid in bonuses despite chaos in the Swedish  railways
Monday, 19 December 2011
In the past years, the rail traffic in Sweden has recorded some of its worst performances with everything happening that make travelling by train the most uncertain means to move from point A to B. But despite that the Swedish Traffic Authority has paid out nearly Skr40 million in bonuses to companies that maintain the railways tracks according to new damming reports.

It clearly revealed that bonuses are paid even if the trains are delayed, reports radio Sweden.
It may seem a bit strange considering events of the last two winters, according critics who spoke to radio Sweden.


Since 2008, companies had to pay million in fines when the failed to solve errors quick. But during the same period, the Transport Administration has paid Skr36 million in bonuses.

Some observers say that it may be a way to encourage the contractor to work faster and better prevention. “But we will actually take a look into this a little deeper now and to determine how this has turned out,” says Joakim Olsson of the transport authority to radio Sweden.

Transport Administration has set a target for how much delay or error, that can be accepted and those companies that make less errors can get the bonus. But still there has been many train delays.

On the northern trunk line, train delays grew more than 1200 hours in 2008. But despite that the maintenance company had over Skr 2 million in bonuses. The reason was that the errors on the track had fallen from 400 to 300 errors.

“You can get bonuses if you stay below the target figures. There may be other factors that affected the punctuality overall,” says Joakim Olsson.

The bonus system was introduced four years ago, but the Transport Administration has not accounted for what it has given in terms of results. But now the system is evaluated and in the meantime a moratorium has been imposed on new bonuses.
By Scancomark.se Team

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