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Top carriers in the world with the best safety record
1. All Nippon Airways
2. Finnair
3. Cathay Pacific Airways
4. Etihad Airways
5. Hainan Airlines
6. JetBlue Airways
7. Emirates
8. Virgin Blue
9. Air Berlin
10. Air New Zealand

Finnair leads the the safest carrier in Europe
Monday, 16 January 2012
The Finnish airline Finnair has been ranked as the safest air carrier in Europe and the second safest in the world by Germany's Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre.

The report also indicates that flying has never been as safe as it was in 2011. The top ranked airline in the international survey was Japan's All Nippon Airways.

The JACDEC Safety Index factors the numbers of passengers carried and distances flown over the past 30 years. By both measures, Finnair is a relatively small airline, in international comparisons. The index also looks at the number of planes lost and fatalities, as well as companies' commitment to international aviation safety programmes.
Finnair's last accident took place in 1963. Some of the airlines ranked below Finnair have no crashes on their record, but are relative new companies such as Air Berlin (9) or Easyjet (19) with a short history of operations.
News source: Yle Finland

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