Question: Is the rail link between Stockholm city and Arlanda airport operated by a monopoly? Yes. What do Swedish opposition parties want to do about it?


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Thursday, 07 July 2011
The Swedish opposition parties have a little distrust of the government's policies with some types of big companies. They feel that the government could be giving concessions to some companies to become too dominant and strengthen their monopoly power. Another point is that at the time of the negotiation, there might have been an oversight on the issue of monoply power which have now been realised.

This is why they are calling for a renegotiation of the operation of the company running the airport trains in Sweden which today has a 45-year monopoly on rail traffic between Stockholm city and Arlanda airport.

But the it looks like the deal was carried out when the Social Democrats were in power. Therefore the distrust could be that terms were either broken under the current government or that the governement just don't care when the company, A- train calculates its taxes in tax heavens and then the  Swedish government turns around and give it financial concession or subsidies.


The company, A-Train in 1995, invested Skr3 billion, to be a monopoly on rail traffic to  and from the airport until 2040.
A study carried out by the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, revealed that the company carried out tax evasion and ferried money to tax heaven Luxembourg. Now four Swedish opposition parties have agreed that there should be a renegotiation of that deal.

One ground for that is to make sure that loop holes such as that which capital could easily leave the company to another country and then the Swedish government turn again and give the company additional financial concessions should be check and blocked.
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