Widespread cheating and corruption in the Swedish construction sector


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Tuesday, 05 July 2011
Once against there is bad news coming from the Swedish construction sector which is challenging the Swedish model of low corruption. More allegations of graft and bribery which have been described as being commonplace in the construction industry have been unearthed.

A large new study presented today which the Swedish television news program, Rapport took a look at, show the extent and the high level of sophistication the mode has taken.


Moonlighting, graft and work negligence in the construction industry has been a big talk in the Swedish media in the past few years.  And in this year’s construction managers’ survey, almost two of three Swedish construction managers agreed that there are special offers or some form of bribery in procurement in order to gain a competitive advantage in the procurement of contracts.

Lars Bergqvist, Chairman of the Construction Managers, Ledarna posits that “There seems to be some sort of bribes, that is, the art of giving something with respect to winning tenders. The good news is that there are more and more companies that acquire contracts the right way and follow ethical rules.” 

Almost half of the managers of the construction branch said their companies sometimes chip away quality and safety to increase profitability. More than eight in 10 say that they left low prices during tenders and then increase the hours afterwards.

“Is it so to facilitate a win of projects by holding down the totals and then charge extra for extra work, then we are really in trouble, says Hans Tilly, president of the union, Byggnads.

Construction Managers confirms the widespread of illegal employment in the sector.  2500 managers interviewed in the sector agreed that there is some form on moonlighting when it comes to employing workers.
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