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Volvo trucks doing well in a very increasingly diverse global market

Friday, 16 March 2012
Volvo Group's total truck deliveries rose 3 percent to 18 395 in February, compared with same period last year according to delivery statistics from Volvo.

Analysts' expectations were of -3 percent to 17 254 vehicles in February, according to survey consensuses.
For the European market, there was a supply of -20 percent, after delivery was -22 percent in Western Europe and - 14 percent in Eastern Europe.

Here analysts' expectations slowdown in Europe of 10 percent, with -12 percent in Western Europe and - 1 percent in Eastern Europe.
Deliveries in North America was also +65 percent, while deliveries in South America was -21 percent. In Asia, deliveries were +8 percent.

Analysts had expected delivery of +24 percent in North America, -39 percent in South America and +7 percent in Asia in February.
Looking at the company's various brands, Volvo Trucks' total deliveries rose by 2 percent in February.
Deliveries from Mack during the month showed an increase of 97 percent. Renault Trucks' total deliveries declined by 19 percent while the corresponding figure for Eicher was an increase of 8 percent.

UD Trucks (formerly Nissan Diesel) shipments increased 14 percent.

All comparisons are with the same month a year earlier unless stated otherwise.

“Developments in the Southern European truck market are mixed with strong demand in many places, although the continuing uncertainty over the economic development of southern Europe continued to affect truck customers in certain markets during February,” writes Volvo in its delivery report for the brand Volvo Trucks.

Countries such as Germany, Poland and Turkey, had an impressive February compared to January 2012.
The Russian market has so far this year also continued to show strong demand for trucks, according to Volvo.

In South America supplies reduced due to planned production cutbacks in the wake of the new emission requirements adopted from 1 January 2012.
The increase in North America, 45 percent in February, is mainly attributable to a continuing need to renew truck fleets there.

Investments in the construction sector in the U.S. have begun to increase, but even so, the market for construction trucks is still weak.
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