Volvo cars tries to perfect technology that slows he car down for Animals at night


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Saturday, 11 June 2011
Continuous development in and the strengthening of the safety standards that made Volvo a global superstar continues with more improvements in its automatic braking system.

The next step in that direction has to do with effecting the auto breaking system where by even in the dark, the car will be able to break on its own if it feels that it is about to collide with something.

With the help of sensors and infrared cameras to be mounted on new generation Volvo Cars in a couple of years, it is hopped that it will make Volvo cars feel like a life moving object that can slow down on its own when getting closer to something like a elk – even in the dark.


The current security system, which was launched last year, alerts and automatically brakes for pedestrians. But it has the same limitations as the human eye in low light, making it not very efficient. Now, Volvo is trying to put some night vision technology for game warning at night. It is not exactly clear what type of animals the system will respond to but the technology is said to be at the first stage of reducing worst injuries in a crash.

Volvo people have been to a zoo and shot elk and deer to learn the
patterns of movements of these animals .

“The system must not slow down during normal driving, but will only strike when situation look really dangerous, "said Andreas Eidehall, safety expert at Volvo Cars.

Speed reduction during driving is still the main driver to reducing road accidents and serious injuries. It is advised that at least at 90 kilometres per hours, collusion with an animal could be reduced because visibility at night is better at that speed. But above that speed, it would be hard to slow the car and this is where the technology becomes most paramount.
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