Veolia takes over Swedish side of �resund Traffic


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Tuesday, 28 June 2011
Veolia Transport is reported to gradually taking over �resund traffic on the Swedish side in the autumn. The solution is made public according to a press release. Trains train will continue as usual in southern Sweden and over the Oresund Bridge.

A new procurement of the transportation companies will be implemented in 2013. To make such at present will not be possible due to time constraints.

"To the best of worlds, we had wanted to procure services in competition immediately, but it is not feasible, "says Mats Persson, Regional Council of Sk�ne.

DSB First will get a compensation of Skr45 million for the costs it took on when Malm� Central Station was being built on.


Veolia was one of several companies that were interested in taking over the traffic and the one which could do it fastest. Yet there is no agreement, but merely a statement of intent.

"Since mid- March, when the DSB first showed a bad economy, we have had several companies that have shown interest, "said Sk�netrafiken’s traffic director, Goran Lundblad.

"Veolia has shown the best and strongest solutions and organization."
As traffic has moved on as expected, there are no claims on the Swedish side in relation to the DSB.

"DSB First has been able to pull out of an agreement where the economy is bleeding, and do so without affecting the customer, "says Goran Lundblad.

A solution is sought so that the trains will go on both sides but the staff in Malmo and Copenhagen would be replaced. The new operator is not entitled to drive on both sides of the border.
According to reports from Denmark, DSB First made significant operating loss on the Swedish side more than the Danish side and there were already speculations that the company could close its Swedish operation.

Earlier the Sk�netrafiken which is incharged of transport in southern Sweden, had said that DSB First was too ‘broke’ to carry out rail transport operation in Sweden though its licence was renewed.
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