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Vattenfall under pressure to go Green

Wednesday, 21 September 2011
Swedish government’s own Energy Company, in under intense pressure to reduce it environmental effects and go green.

This is particularly so in Germany where the pressure is much higher but Swedish media reports hold that it is too early to write off the company's ability to press the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide underground.

Within such pressures, to meet the owner's environmental requirements, the company must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly. The strategy for achieving this is the so-called CCS technology that is being seen now as important.

CCS is a prestigious project for Vattenfall. It has already invested nearly a billion Kronor in the project. Many more billions are being earmarked to provide a technique for working to a commercial level whereby the green label would be affixed on its ability to turn dirty brown coal in to a clean resource.

After Germany's end to nuclear power earlier this year, political representatives set hopes on solar, wind and water. But the Energy Act can not quickly replace the loss of nuclear. Under a transition period brown coal is even more important for the country. How long the transition period will take is crucial for the possibilities of Vattenfall to develop the CCS technology.

Vattenfall has been accused several times of having a very weak environmental profile and in several instance Swedish press have not been friendly with the company.
By Scancomark.se Team

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