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Turkish Brightwell Holdings interested in Saab automobile. Wants to buy the entire company

Thursday, 05 January 2012
The Turkish investment company Brightwell Holdings has more chance than China Youngman to buy bankrupt Saab. This is the belief of the board member and spokesperson Zamier Ahmed.

Bankrupt Saab Automobile has attracted a range of stakeholders, including Chinese Youngman purportedly interested returned to Trollhättan recently to negotiate with Saab bankruptcy trustees, Anne-Marie Pouteaux and Hans Bergqvist.

But they are not alone in wanting to buy Saab. Investment Company Brightwell Holdings, based in Istanbul, is now awaiting responses from the receivers to get to a meeting.

"We are waiting for a signal from the receivers so that we can start discussions with them, "says Zamier Ahmed, Director and spokesperson for Brightwell Holdings, which is focused on investments in energy, transport and innovative technology.

Just before the end of the year, he told Swedish TV channel TV4 West that the company has had their eyes of Saab Automobile for over the past six months and had discussions with both the CEO Victor Muller and the former administrator Guy Lofalk.

Brightwell Holdings has previously expressed an interest in both the technology and the Saab brand, but it is now clear that they do not want to buy only part of the bankruptcy estate.
"We are interested in the entire Saab, not of small components such as just the brand. We understand completely and want to keep the Saab brand heritage, its history and the high quality of its products, "said Ahmed Zamier.

“The aim is to continue to operate the Saab brand and to continue production in Trollhättan. To what scale is too early to tell,” says Zamier Ahmed.

"We need more knowledge of the company's structure before we can answer that. Some parts of the devices we would need to produce in other ways to save costs. "
According Zamier Ahmed, a careful analysis of what went wrong with Saab and why it was such heavy losses.

"In the end it was very poorly managed company. I will not mention any names. But if you have something as important as Saab Automobile with its heritage, its brand and a high quality product, so I see no reason why you can not continue to sell that product, in the sense that you do not take care of business in a very, very bad way, "he says.

“Victor Muller has been chairman and CEO as of Saab so the responsibility lies with him in the end, just as it would if I or someone else was in his position. Mr. Muller has a background in the automotive industry. To use an example: If you have heart trouble, go to a cardiologist, not to an orthopaedist because he can not help you, "said Ahmed Zamier.

He adds that they have a good knowledge in the automobile industry.  Their organization has very experienced people from the automotive sector and companies like Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover.
“We have knowledge of the entire process of production of cars, "said Ahmed Zamier and mentions that Brightwell Holding has stake in the small French electric vehicle manufacturer Tilt.
Brightwell Holdings has also been in contact with Saab's former owner, General Motors, which earlier put the spanner that worked against Chinese takeover. The paper,  TTELA reported on Wednesday Zamier Ahmed believes that the U.S. production line will welcome a Turkish purchase of Saab.
"GM is a very important supplier to the current Saab models, so we need to know if they will continue to accept and deliver these components. We have had favourable discussions with them," he said.
By Scancomark.se Team

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