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The oil industry recruiting 200 engineers from dying Saab automobile
Saturday, 14 January 2012
The oil industry in Sweden wants to recruit 200 workers from Saab automobile as the future of the company remains extremely uncertain.
We reported recently that one of the fear those companies that want to buy over the automaker was that the workers could disperse. It looks like this is what will be happening in the nearest future.
According to Swedish television reports, people with the right skills, are embedded in the company. The news came as hundreds of Saab enthusiasts manifested in Trollhättan calling for something to be done so that the car manufacturer does not fold.

The Swedish television reports that Saab mechanics may change assembly line for the Norwegian oil platform, as more and more oil is being discovered and people are needed to work and such the oil out.
In February, a Gothenburg-based company, Yellow offshore will open an educational department in Trollhättan. There, Saab workers will be retrained to become repairers within the Norwegian oil industry.
“They have an expertise from the mounting and electricity areas which is equivalent to what we use when we work offshore. Above all, they are quality in building. We have already started searching for the premises for them,” said Peter Eriksson, training manager at the company.
He said that the need for repairers will increase in March when the storms at sea subsided. Therefore they are looking right now for new workers who can repair the damage to oil platforms as well as ports, dry docks and other facilities on land.
“We have received requests from various business partners who need up to 200 people for the repair work, and the number could increase,” said Peter Eriksson.
On Saturday, there was a large rally in Trollhattan by Saab enthusiasts rallies in support of the brand simultaneously in some 40 countries in a hundred places worldwide.
Trollhattan rolled a car convoy which was replicated in up to 20 other Swedish towns.
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