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The future looks bright for Saab and the purchase price is right  - Saab CEO Muller told 
Friday, 28 October 2011
The two Chinese car companies Pang Da and Youngman are to take over Saab Automobile.  Victor Muller says he is happy, although he is no longer to become the owner of Saab again.


As recently as last weekend Victor Muller rejected an earlier bids from Pang Da and Youngman, where, according to his information, they were prepared to pay around Skr200 million for 100 percent of Saab Automobile.

He thought the price was too low and that there were also too many conditions. But when the price was increased he agreed to sell for EUR 100 million, approximately Skr 900 million.

"It's an okay amount if you think about what situation the company is in right now where you cannot cars being produced for about six months, "he says.

When asked how it feels to no longer be the owner of Saab, Victor Muller responded that:
"I feel very happy about it. Now the future of the company actually is secured. The future looks very bright now. We have the deepest pockets on board now that ensures that the company will prosper, so I am very happy about this."
By Scancomark.se Team

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