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The first pharmacy bankruptcy in Sweden just a short while after deregulation of the sector.
Friday, 14 October 2011
Signs that smaller pharmacies will find it hard to find their feet in the Swedish market became a reality when the first small pharmacy to apply for bankruptcy protection was known today.

Pharmacy Hermelinen in northern Swedish town of Luleň has requested for bankruptcy protection reports several Swedish media sources. This has come just a few years after the Swedish government opened the sector full competition. Bu those who have benefited from the market are payers with big wallets and strong connections with banks and financial institutions.

Hermelinen Pharmacy came into existence nearly a year ago ad it has been hard for it to generate cash flow as liquidity problems started bogging the drug store from the beginning.

“It is impossible for smaller players to operate a pharmacy on the Swedish market,” says partner Inger Zackrisson to Dagens Apotek.
The failure of this pharmacy is just a sign as to how to be a small business in Sweden in areas that are seen to be lucrative is a no go zone.
By Scancomark.se Team

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