That Saab CEO Muller chasing money in the U.S. – could get support from the Chinese Pang Da


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Friday, 24 June 2011
Saab's communications director Eric Geers said to Swedish television that the Chairman Victor Muller is in the U.S. to find new financial solutions.

Eric Geers explains further that it is not relevant to file for bankruptcy or reorganization of Saab.
What happens to Victor Muller on his money hunting in the U.S. and what he has found Eric Geers could not go into.
"We obviously have constant contact, but I can not comment on what he does, "said Geer said.
"Victor Muller is working 24 hours a day to fix this.”
Eric Geers would not go into the setup that was agreed with the suppliers to Saab's proposals on how the payments to them should be implemented. Saab wanted to pay ten per cent directly and the rest of the debt plus interest, in September.

Regarding the sale of properties, says Geer: "We are working fully with the process. "
Eric Geers has no forecast of wages to employees. "I can not speculate on this, it would be quite wrong. The only thing I can say to all employees is that we work day and night to fix it."


Saab has previously been close to falling into private American investors' hands. The people of skygge, American financier Mark Bishop was among the investors in the Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg's attempt to take over Saab from GM, but dropped out of the deal in summer 2009.

In a related development, radio Sweden reports that Saab has now turned to their Chinese partners to find a solution to the urgent capital problems. The spokesman Eric Geers now hope to raise money as early as next week.

“We have found Young's founder and chairman Pang Qingjan, but should instead talk to his daughter who also sit in corporate management.”

She is taciturn, but says that along with Saab's other Chinese partner, Pang Da, could attempt in solving Saab acute money problems.

Talks are also directly being carried out with Saab's principal owner and Chairman Victor Muller. But Pang would not disclose how such a solution might look like.

Eric Geers could not comment on Young's information according radio Sweden.
“I can only say that we work with a lot of scenarios for strengthening the capital need of Saab, liquidity. There is transaction and we are also working on other fronts.”

However, Geers says that he is hopeful that a solution is coming. “There must be absolute hope and we try of course to make it as fast as possible. The employees did get paid and that is something we need to fix, so they are paid as quickly as possible.”

He add that victor Muller was in all cases in the U.S., “but where he is today I do not know exactly. He travels quite a lot, but I am not aware of his agenda. I can only assure that he works 24 hours a day,” said Eric Geers.
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