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Test for Swedish environmentally friendly aviation fuel

Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Airline Company, Virgin Atlantic has teamed up with Swedish technology company, Swedish Biofuels, to develop and test more climate-friendly fuel.

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing, and technology company Lanza Tech are also in participations in the cooperation as the hope is to get approval to start using the fuel in commercial flights "within three years."
Should that happen, it would means that there would be the means to halving carbon emissions compared to conventional jet fuels being used today, according to a press release.

In cooperation is Stockholm-based Swedish Biofuels which is developing the technology to produce climate-friendly fuel, which is expected that such fuel is soon to be fully in use. The origin of the jet fuel is ethanol, which Lanza tech manufactures from gas left over in steel production. This would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere anyway. The ethanol is then converted into fuel with the help of the technology developed by the Swedish company, Swedish Biofuels.

“It's very exciting. Hopefully this can lead to certification of our fuels and commercialization of our fuel technology,” says Angelica Hull, of Swedish Biofuels and associate professor at KTH.

At the moment Hull would not want to go into what part of the collaboration Swedish Biofuels will be involved in, but she points out that it had been impossible for the Swedish Biofuels to finance the test flights on Boeing and Virgin Atlantic are now implementing.

“We are in the midst of a process right now. That airlines are considering using this fuel in their flights in the future is an important step forward,” she says.
According to Virgin Atlantic's CEO, Richard Branson, the new jet fuel idea is an "exciting potential" - that can be used on a large scale, is durable and can be produced at a cost comparable to conventional jet fuel.

A demonstration flight is planned in 12 to 18 months, and Virgin hopes that the production of fuel will be able to get under way in India earlier than 2014, according to reports.

Swedish Biofuels also have a bio fuel project going on in Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). The idea there is that residues from the Swedish forest industry could be converted to ethanol and then for jet fuel to be tested in the Swedish fighter jet, Gripen.

The project has the collaboration if the U.S. and Sweden, with General Electric and aircraft manufacturers Saab and Volvo Aero. FMV has asked the Swedish government for authorization to have to negotiate an agreement. Swedish Biofuels holds patents on several biofuels and earlier this year won a patent dispute with oil company BP.
By Scancomark.se Team

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