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Television companies in Sweden should clarify their price principles as dodgy prices have been detected.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012
Cable TV companies operating in Sweden are urged to clean up their price jungle. This is because today, customers have no clear idea of the total cost of all package fees that are marketed.
The Swedish consumer Agency said that price set out by cable providers and television companies are misleading since the obligatory card fee is not included in the prices of the various packages advertised.

In total there are five companies, Com Hem, Bredbandsbolaget, Canal Digital, Viasat Tele2 that Swedish consumer agency believe that they are “not straight” with their pricing policy. These companies' in their marketing violates the Price Information Act which requires that the clear and accurate information be provided to consumers, according to Anna Lindström - Division of Consumer Protection at Swedish consumer protection agency.

The Consumer Agency has gone through the websites of the five companies and other their marketing over the supply of digital TV in the cable network within the metropolitan area or via satellite. In all cases, there is the missing data on the card fee that everyone has to pay to get access to the offers.

TV companies usually charge the mandatory fee on a monthly basis or in some cases semi-annually. If are any charges that are not mandatory, such as billing charges,  these will be specified separately.

Card fees must be included in the price advertised, otherwise it is misleading. The price is usually the single most important factor is that the average consumer takes into account when it should make its decision, says Consumer Agency in the letters that went out to the five companies involved.

For example, two of Com Hem-market package will cost Skr88 and Skr59. For Canal Digital the price increased to Skr35 for each digital television subscriptions and for Bredbandsbolaget the price tag every month is almost Skr50 which the promotion does not suggests.

Consumer Agency has already in the past winter cracked down on Telia's marketing style and after due warning, the company has complied with the rules. Anna Lindström assumes that the five companies that are current doing the same have time to answer the Board's letter until mid – April.
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