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War on the Swedish telecom market as Telecom giant Tele2 go after competing Network 3

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
It is hard for Swedish telecom companies to get customers these days as competition is fierce. It has not led though to a heavy price war, or price cuts to attract customers, literally, but it has led to company “A” watching what company “B” is doing – very closely.

One example of how the Swedish telecom market stands now is how the telecom company, Tele 2 watching its opponents has reacted. It finds it unbelievable that telecom rival 3 is advertising that it provides the cheapest phone services in Sweden and is not happy about that. Therefore it has decided to take the matter to court.

Tele 2 would thus not accept that the market is sold the news that 3 provide "Sweden's lowest subscriptions price" in its marketing. Tele 2 wants the Market to ban these types of marketing campaigns  and that a penalty of Skr1 million heaped on perpetrators.

3 would not comment on the threat from its rival.
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