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Hypocrisy in deregulation: Why is the Swedish government’s owned Apotek accused of growing far too big
Thursday, 05 January 2012
Several of the newer privately owned pharmacy chains in Sweden believe that government owned Apoteket is growing too fast and
much too big.

According to Swedish business Dagens Industri, Apotek was not supposed to have a greater market share than 35 percent as well as the count of the number of pharmacies.

But Apotek has been sharply criticized by others in the industry, which would rather see that there is a limit to the number of braches it creates.

Apotek is a government pharmaceuticals retailer and has limited money to expand and the laws would always work easily on the government’s side. Evidence is that last year, Apotek opened 24 new pharmacies. Competitors argue that the government is abusing its dominant position in the market.

But other argue that private pharmacies are cherry picking urban areas which they see lucrative while ignoring rural areas. What the government Apotek is doing is to open in areas that are neglected by the private sector.
By Scancomark.se Team

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