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Swedish delegation leads to China for meeting with Saab interest party Youngman 
Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Chinese auto company, Youngman, which is interested in buying Saab automobile  and its estate, has invited policy-makers, contractors and union representatives, for meetings in China.

This afternoon, people from the Västra Götaland, western sweden where Saab has its seat are travelling to China among them Development Director Bertil Törsäter and Trollhättan Mayor Annika Wennerblom will be to China, writes Swedish daily, Goteborg Posten.

The delegation will include also representatives of the subcontractors and the unions.
There are also reports that someone from the Ministry of Industry is included. It has been confirmed by the government however.

Young's CEO Rachel Pang was previously in Gothenburg and met with those administering the bankrupt Saab automobile. The report holds that the company seems to have invited even managers of the bankruptcy operation to China, but it is not clear if they were along on the trip.

"I travel about one hour, "said Mayor Annika Wennerblom on a Mobile phone from the staff restaurant, where she eats herring and mashed potatoes after the long ride.
She is the official representative of Trollhättan city.

"That includes also a union representative on the trip," says Annika Wennerblom according to GP.

Youngman for a while now showed great interest in Saab. Trollhättan city can provide general support and assistance to a new Saab owner.
The Sale of Saab to the Chinese is blocked by the American former owner GM which decries the Chinese should not own sensitive technological secrets that are embedded in the Saabs platforms.
By Scancomark.se Team

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