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Swedish debt office clears Saab’s loans with EIB
Friday, 27 January 2012
European Investment Bank (EIB), no longer has any ties to Saab Automobile. The Swedish Debt Office has paid the loan Saab had with the EIB thus making the bankrupt Saab estate owing the Swedish government nearly Skr2.2 billion.

The Swedish Debt Office supported Saab Automobile, when the company borrowed money from the EIB. They stood a collateral security to guarantee that they will pay back if the company goes under.


But so far the Swedish government believe that the company’s components, Saab Automobile Parts AB and the tool company Saab Automobile Tools AB. The mortgage limits, according to the National Debt Office, is worth more than the claim that has now been on the estate.

The EIB's words weighed heavily Saab when the tried to find a new owner for Saab. The Russian financier Vladimir Antonov, was not able to have access to Saab all largely cause by  EIB persistence not to accept the Russian as part owner

The Debt Office has already made it clear that it prefers to see the sale of the Saab, not as part but as whole.
By Scancomark.se Team

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