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Swedish beauty industry in unexpected unregulated despite the high risks in the sector

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sweden is a country where cosmetic the surgical sector is the most unregulated in the Europe. The characteristics are made up of debilitating preparations, inexpensive laser equipments from China as well as treatments with no skills requirements but this will be changed now as a sold investigator wants to fight for the sector to change and become under new set of rules

Sweden is currently the only country in Europe that has no laws guiding the efficiency of the beauty procedures. According to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, a sole investigator, Karin Lindell wants to change that.

This is not the first time we have reported this issue on this network about the fast-growing uncontrolled beauty industry in Sweden. Swedes are at this moment spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the correction of their appearance, but this sector is still unregulated.

This means that even a British migrants coming to Sweden for a type of corrective surgery should not expect to get the best result and if that ‘customer’ is not happy, there is nothing they can do because there are no rules backing of directing how the sector has to work.

“There are no legal requirements on all the eye surgeries that are performed on people who want to get glasses. Those who perform laser treatments for cosmetic purposes do not need any skills at all. And there are both serious and less serious players,” says Karin Lindell, former director general of the Swedish National Consumer Agency, which in September started working on that the agency should  mandate to review all plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists and beauty salons that sell different kinds of beauty treatments.

She has also pointed out that there has been a sharp increase in various forms of cosmetic laser treatments in recent years. They are used for example to remove the surface veins, pigment spots and to perform many kinds of facials adjustments.

“Laser is a huge market that is growing strongly. Very cheap lasers come in from China in particular, which is not CE registered or certified and therefore may be too powerful,” says Karin Lindell.

Fillers, which magnifies the lips is a product that today is demanded strongly by young women, according to Lindell. In many cases, the SMS loans taken by young women are taken to pay for these types of surgery. On the internet, one can buy nerve toxin botox used to smooth wrinkles and the like.

“These preparations can cause paralysis and permanent disability, yet there are no skill requirements or rules on patient insurance. It is quite strange that Sweden, which tend to be far ahead in terms of legislation is lagging behind every other country in Europe in this area,” says Karin Lindell.

One other force driving this new rethink is what happened when things went wrong with the recent French breast implants which turned out to be of no good and no body was willing to take responsibility for those affected.

Among our Nordic countries, neighbouring country, Denmark has the strictest laws. It requires that a physician is responsible and is present in all types of treatments. When the Danish Act on beauty interventions was introduced five years ago the country lost half of the country's beauty salons.
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