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Swedish Prosecutors believe that a Mining companies were built with drug money

Sunday, 01 April 2012
Prosecution suspect that the mining company, Mineral Invest International was created with money from the accused cocaine smuggler, Jonas Falk, formerly Oredsson.

The report was submitted to the Stockholm district court last week, and shows that Jonas Falk has personal ties to the Mineral Invest Chief Operating Officer, Joachim Andersson, report Swedish business daily Dagens Industri.

According to the paper, he says in an interview that he knew Falk since the early 1990s. They both have a criminal history. Andersson was previously sentenced to five years in prison for tax evasion and had been trading for eight years. Falk has served three long prison terms for aggravated robberies.

"We believe that Falk made an early investment that earned him 4.4 million shares via a decoy, "said Martin Selander, accountant at the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm.

The business which has now been under investigation was launched in 2007. Then Joachim Andersson took the first steps of what would become the basis of the Mineral Invest's activities: mineral mining in Ethiopia and Congo. Gold and metal tantalum, used in electronics, attracted them.

Joachim Andersson, himself is reported to own the Swedish government about Skr45 million, and he turned to the market to raise capital. One of the companies that went into got merged in the process was Mernia Investments Limited. When Jonas Falk was arrested in Colombia in 2010, he was accused to have been a cocaine business described here as 100 million - class, according to the evidence found by the Swedish state criminal investigators, Rikskriminalen. The evidence shows that that Mernia Investments was controlled by Falk.

The operations contain many complex transactions, which have been revealed including telecommunications.
Jonas Falk denies the offense. Management of Mineral Invest says he is unaware of the cocaine smuggling business and such operations.
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