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Swedish Banks want to get into schools and teach pupils about personal finance
03 November 2011
Not long ago we reported how young people are having it hard to understand economics and financial issues – even personal finance. It turns out that Swedish banks have been planning to take the matter into their own hands by planning to get into the class room and teach.

Now reports hold that the country's big banks want to get into school classrooms to teach personal finance. The Swedish education authority Skolverket is reported to have no objection and that the banks could dream of building up new customers.

“It is a modern – saving projects that we think is important,” says Lars-Olof Svensson, president of Swedish Savings Bank Foundation Íresund that has a project in which high school students receive lectures on personal finance.

The initiative is not unique. The other major banks have similar projects.
“It has been received very well, both by teachers and students,” says Ingela Gabrielsson, private economist at Nordea.

Banks make no bones about the fact that they also hope to forge new customers through their presence in schools.
“The aim is not to market the bank, the training is completely neutral. But I think this will benefit all banks,” says Ingela Gabrielsson.
The Swedish education authority, Skolverket, has no comments on banks' interest in school.
“There is nothing to prevent external actors in education, there are forms that determines” says Falck Claes-Goran Aggebo. He also points out that it is impossible to say where the line is.
By Scancomark.se Team

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