Working is a very unenjoyable thing for the Swede- Increased dissatisfaction at work


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Thursday, 19 May 2011
Despite the strong economic growth being enjoyed in the country, there is an equal and opposite reaction from the Swedish workforce, the joy of working in Sweden has been accounted to be very low according to a global survey.

“It may be interpreted that lack of job security does not always mean comfort at work for the Swedes. In some companies, there is also evidence that employees are beginning to wonder if they get enough pay, "said Agneta Saxeby from Ennova, a performance assessment company that carried out the study.


Although Sweden is still in the top tier, there is a little drop this year, from fifth to sixth place in the annual rankings. And now Swedes are the worst in the Nordic countries because the Danes, Norwegians and Finns are happier at work.

“Finland has overtaken Sweden since last year and is the only Nordic country in the rankings which show no reduction in job satisfaction, "said Agneta Saxeby.

Denmark topped the list last year, but has now been dethroned by Mexico for the first time to head the list. A contributing factor is considered to be the country's strong economic growth.
Czech Republic, Japan and Hungary are the worst among the 23 countries in the survey.

Agneta Saxeby thinks that it's just a matter of time before employees in Sweden will start investigating if the grass is not greener on the other side.
“Now it is important that companies review their human capital so as not to lose staff, "said Agneta Saxeby.

For the twelfth consecutive year Ennova has carried out a study on the the European Employee Index, which covers 23 countries and 25,000 employees. They answered questions about how they feel about their working conditions. In Sweden, about 5000 responses were collected.

Sweden's highest ranking regarding job satisfaction on the job was reached last year with a fifth place. Until then, Sweden had climbed in the rankings, but this year the country has slipped down to sixth place.

The two real fast climbers on the list are China and Mexico. Hungary, Czech Republic, France and Estonia experienced the sharpest deterioration in work satisfaction.
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