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Sweden really attractive to foreign big brands
Wednesday, 16 November 2011
Sweden continues to be the destination for big International companies and recently, retail companies are said to be “queuing up to enter “the Swedish market. Why Sweden with a market of just only 9 million people?

According to Hakan Pehrsson, a real estate consultant at Jones Lang Lasalle, these brands are brands that “we have tried to get there here in a decade or so,” according t the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri.

The Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo, cosmetics and makeup giant, Sephora, the Spanish footwear chain Camper, the French sports chain Decathlon and clothing chain Superdry
are just some of dozens of international companies that are currently casting covetous glances at the Swedish market and are aiming at establishing here.

"It's about chains that we have been looking for and trying to get them to Sweden for a very long time, perhaps a decade. But it is only now that they are beginning to show an interest in the Swedish market, "said Hakan Pehrsson, of Jones Lang Lasalle in Stockholm.

The explanation for the growing interest of these major international brands looking at Sweden is reported to be based on the strong Swedish economy. In addition, Sweden has so far been in the backwaters of Europe when it comes to large retail chains.

"Sweden has a very good and transparent real estate market. But what has got things to fall over is that we have a strong economic growth. Although there are bad times for the rest of Europe, many international chains are still looking to expand their operations in Europe, "said Hakan Pehrsson.

Hakan Pehrsson, according to the paper has been talking about a follow the leader – behaviour of the international players.
"Ten years ago there were no such premium brands in Sweden. Now we have more like Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. Many of these marks are similar. Once it starts to come here more people will follow, "says Hakan Pehrsson.

Another factor is that the Swedish market for retail properties and commercial premises is hot, from an international perspective. Market turnover has tripled in two years.

"During the three first quarters of this year, investments in retail-related properties turned about Skr10 billion. Approximately 90 percent of these were made by foreigners", says Håkan Pehrsson.

According to Jones Lang Lasalle, interest from abroad is not only for Sweden but for the whole Nordic region.
"Companies must have a sufficient density and logistics requirement to a given Volume to attain profitability. There is growing interest also even in Finland ", says Håkan Pehrsson.
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