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Sony Ericsson moves its Japanese engineers to Lund, Sweden
Thursday, 22 December 2011
Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg wants to increase the number of Japanese engineers in Lund, now that Sony will take over the company in January. It was previously feared that the Lund sector will close.

Swedish Ericsson in October sold its own half of Sony Ericsson to Sony Japan for Skr9.5 billion. The divorce will be completely finished in January in conjunction with Sony Ericsson's preliminary financial statements presentation.

Sony Ericsson was reported last week to be moving its headquarters from London to Lund. And CEO Bert Nordberg, will be moving home to Malmö. One of Bert Nordberg's main tasks will be to work with the corporate culture. Among other things, he wants to double the number of Japanese engineers in Skåne.

Today there are thirty developers from Japan here. “I want to increase the number of Japanese people in Lund. Now, when it becomes an owner, instead of two, it is important to increase the cultural understanding of each other,” said Bert Nordberg in a newsletter Rapidus.

Sony Ericsson has 3000 employees in Lund but also departments in London, Silicon Valley, Beijing and Tokyo, where the parent company Sony has its headquarters.
Sony is still low, with plans for new facility along the E22 in Lund. Sony Ericsson will deliver a final quarterly report to the owners before they go their separate ways in January, writes Rapidus.

“The role in Lund is indefinite running and producing phone components, but my hope is to expand the business into TV, tablets and other consumer products containing today’s Android - that is what we’ll be doing in Lund,” said Bert Nordberg.

When the news came in October that Sony was buying out Ericsson from the joint venture, there was speculation of what it means for Skåne, southern Sweden which is the centre of SonyEricsson operation in the Scandinavia. Then tone was overwhelmingly negative. But last week news came that the group's formal headquarters will be moving from London to Lund,  and that Bert Nordberg himself will be coming back home to Malmö.

“It is not an American company that bought us, but Sony has a longer-term and sensible approach. Today, it is quite necessary to have the smartphone functionality linked to other products and Sony is to absolutely dependent on Lund. But it is clear that they take every chance to save money. It comes to show what we can provide,” says Bert Nordberg to Rapidus.
By Scancomark.se Team

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