Shell silent about the oil leak in the North Sea


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Sunday, 14 August 2011
Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell on Saturday did not comment on the leak at an oil platform in the North Sea. The authorities did not know if the company have had the spill under control.

The leakage has left a three mile long oil slick off the British coast. A spokesperson for the Coastguard said the authority has not received any information on the leak size or remediation efforts. The Coast Guard had no staff on site at the platform.

There is an underwater pipeline that is damaged, but the company said on Saturday that they had control of the spill.


Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said that the extent of the spill was "fairly limited" but that the Scottish Government takes seriously any incidents, given that "the magnificent marine environment that surrounds Scotland has a huge significance."

He said he was satisfied with efforts to curb emissions. There will be an appointed commission to clarify the cause of the spill.
Salmond told the BBC that this probably is a leak of about 100 tons of oil, compared to a leak in the Gulf of Mexico which was half a million tons.

In 2009 to 2010 there occurred nine minor and a major oil leak at the platform 18 miles to the east of Scotland Aberdeen.
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