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Serious suspected corruption in Finnish military hardware case
Monday, 10 October 2011
Ten people in Finland are suspected of serious rendition of a bribe in connection with the Finnish defence manufacturer, Patria deals in Slovenia.

The suspicions has to do with the deals that Patria Vehicles did with the Ministry of Defence in Slovenia in mid - 2000. The Slovenian Armed Forces ordered 135 armoured vehicles from Patria in 2004 in a 

deal that was worth EUR 278 million. Later, it appeared that Patria was suspected of giving bribes to, including Slovenia's former Prime Minister, Janez Jansa and the Directorate of the Ministry of Defence in order to get the deal.

In addition to bribery suspect, the Finnish  central criminal Bureau identifies six people to have been guilty of industrial espionage, and that a person had testified falsely. The preliminary investigation was initiated in 2008, and was preceded by months-long investigations in Finland and abroad.

An investigation team consisting of representatives of Finland, Slovenia and Austria have been dealing with the inquiry. In Slovenia and Austria there have already charges brought. The investigation regarding the criminal charges will be ready next week.
By Scancomark.se Team

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