Scores of Swedish Small companies opt out of the business killing machine – the auditors


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Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Evidence that the Swedish bourgeoisie government is business friendly is once again showed in its resolve to make it easier for smaller businesses to grow. As such the rule which was passed last year that small businesses of certain category could skip using auditors has been hailed and received.

Now the law has got into force and three out of the four newly established companies have opt out of the use of auditor in reaction to the audit requirement for smaller companies being abolished.


Now the trade organization for small and medium size businesses wants to provide support even for bigger or medium size businesses to walk away from the auditor.
“We do not see any disadvantages to the system. I do not think there are more errors in the financial statements or an increase in economic crime, "said Annika Fritsch, tax expert at the organisation F´┐Żretagarna.

Auditors are real small business killers in Sweden. The system already provides structures that make it easy to provide financial statements through the banks and such organisations. But auditors destroy small businesses by charging them very high fees, not helping them in their business development and in most cases it has been one of the main factors why small businesses fail in Sweden. 

The government listened to the cries of small businesses and now they are delivering.
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