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Saudi secrete weapon deal that was exposed could be costly for Swedish companies

Tuesday, 03 April 2012
Saudi Arabia is Sweden's most important market in the Middle East. The civilian good exports last year totalled a value of Skr12 billion. But according to many analysts, according to Swedish media reports, trade is threatened by the publicity by radio Sweden about the revelations of a secret weapons factory in the country.
Sweden Civil exports to Saudi Arabia amounted last year to a value of Skr12 billion and more than 40 Swedish companies are operating in the country. But the futures of these companies have become uncertain.

The Saudis do not like these kinds of publicity that arose when the plans a Swedish-sponsored weapons factory in Saudi Arabia was revealed.

This assessment was made by Ulf Adelsohn, member of the Swedish Export Council according to media reports.
“This can never be positive. The question is how negative it is. I think that the domestic political points that particularly the Green Party tries to pick may cost Swedish export companies large sums of money,” Adehlson is reported to have said.
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