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Samsung positioning itself to catch and pass Nokia in the coming year in terms of mobile equipment sold

Tuesday, 27 December 2011
South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung wants to catch up with Nokia in phone sales and in the coming years pass the company. This is according to a news report  in the Korea Economic Daily, in which Samsung strives to increase its sales by 15 percent next year.

Samsung, which is the second largest mobile phone manufacturer, estimated that its mobile phone sales this year amounted to 325 million. The goal for next year is 374 million. Samsung strives to increase its sales figures, especially by increasing the number of smart phones.

Market research firm Strategy Analytics has previously estimated that the Nokia next year will sell 399 million phones, which is five percent less than this year. One reason being attributed to the weakening sales of Nokia is failure for Nokia to make its phones catch up with time.

Usability of Nokia phones are still complex compared to easy to use phones that are being dished out by its competitors. Also Nokia’s phone as their usability continues to be weak, they are also very expensive compared to its competitions.

Therefore id Nokia continues to dream that it is still the market leader and believe that the position will remain unchallenged, it is mere dreaming. Nokia has been already been caught napping in several instances in the past and its is time for them to wake up
By Scancomark.se Team

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