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Demand for Saab's old gun shoots up as growing review of its effectiveness to kill makes it more attractive to “killers”

Thursday, 22 December 2011
As the Swedish military hardware industrial production increase, the sales of Gripen to Switzerland recently only confirms that Sweden has become the next industrial production centre best in gushing out the most efficient tool to kill other humans.

In the shadow of that is a Swedish canon which is over 60 year old, a Swedish invention which is now a strong money maker for the defense group Saab. This is a grenade rifle known as Carl-Gustaf whose age is reflected by the name used by the Swedish army: GRG m/48.

On Thursday, Saab announced that an ammunition orders for Carl-Gustaf worth Skr126 million was made. The order can be added to the previous quarter from the U.S. and Australia, together worth Skr369 million.

The hardware was named after Carl Gustaf's Urban ARMS MANUFACTURES in Eskilstuna, where production started in the 1940s. Today, Carl-Gustaf is produced at Saab's factory in Karlskoga, where about 300-400 are employed in the business area Dynamics which develops and produces the weapon.

The gun is available in two models, M2 and M3, the lighter one that was introduced 1991, and of which Saab has sold for about Skr24 billion in 2011. Business area, Dynamics, which also sells missiles, torpedoes and camouflage netting accounted for Skr4.7 billion. Saab would not say how much of Dynamics revenues it generates from the grenade rifle business.

According to the CEO of Dynamic, Carl-Gustaf is one of the main pillars of Dynamics but he could not give proper details of how much sales revenue has been got from the shoulder-borne weapon given its 60 years of existence as an effective tool for which both the “bad guys” and the “good guys” use to kill each other as well as innocent bystanders.

Carl-Gustaf has been exported since the 1950s and has been purchased by more than 40 countries worldwide, making it the most widely used system in the Saab Catalog. The weapon has, among other things been used in the Falklands War and in Iraq.

Its popularity of course lies on it’s very robust system, easy to use and reliable and it do best to the customers. With mass sophisticated buttons to press it usually does not work well under pressure, "says Tomas Samuelsson.

Despite the considerable age, the defense group never thought to stop selling and producing the weapon. If there is demand, there is no need to stop producing and selling it. Carl-Gustaf also worked during the Cold War to fight the Soviet tank armies as it was feared it would wash over Western Europe.

When the Wall fell, there developed other uses of the grenade rifle.
"It was discovered that Carl-Gustaf was excellent for combat in urban areas. It was easy and accurate. Much more powerful than lying and shoot at each other with guns, "says Tomas Samuelsson.

Right now Saab's developers are making a version of the weapon that can be used in enclosed spaces.
"We have a plan for how we should develop the system in coming years. The aim is to maintain our market position, "says Tomas Samuelsson.
By Scancomark.se Team

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