Saab’s Boss, Muller speaks to his workers after more that a month of redundancy


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Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Saab's chairman Victor Muller visited the factory in Trollhattan on Tuesday to do two things – apologise for the appalling state of the company’s condition and the second was to inform employees about the cooperation between Saab and the Chinese car dealer Pang Da.


Saab’s workers turned to work in their hundred just a few minutes before half midday, Swedish time at their plant in Trollh�ttan. They came from other parts of Saab and wanted to listen to Muller at the large briefing that he would lead inside the factory floor.

Alone on a stage on the factory floor approached an unshaven Muller in font of all the Saab’s employees and he started apologizing.

"He said was very sorry that he put Saab in this situation and exposed us to this turmoil. It will never happen again, he promised, "said Borje Askhem, a Saab worker since 1978, in Saab Power train.

His own department has been working on as usual during the crisis, although for others than Saab. He is impressed by the fact that Muller himself had gone to Trollh�ttan to inform the workers about the progress in the company.
"When I heard in the morning that he was coming I thought, 'but he was not in China just now...'?”
"I would not like to switch with him.”

Another worker, Magnus Berner, who has been with Saab for 21 years and is working on the company's development department, including new 9-3, that will replace the current model said that “it is a natural step that Muller was here. In this situation it is good that he speaks directly with the staff. "

Berner thinks that the agreement with Pang Da feel positive and hope that the production as soon as possible can get going again.

Investors in China have responded positively to news of cooperation between Saab and Pang Da.
The Chinese company's shares rose more than 4 percent in Tuesday morning trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, compared with a general rise of the Shanghai composite index by 0.6 percent.
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