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Saab workers have waited enough and are now giving up – looking for work in Volvo
Saturday, 28 January 2012
Saab automobile which is in administration has seen its workers waited long enough for a possible buyer. They have exhibited high level of loyalty but that seems to be changing.

They have hung around with company throughout the crisis. But now it seems the mass decamp of Saab Automobile’s workers in Trollhättan to the Volvo Car Corporation in Gothenburg have gathered momentum.

“We advertised for engineers just before Christmas and we received 64 applicants from Saab, but at the recruitment fair held in Trollhättan recently, we received 400 CVs, says Per-Ake Froberg, press officer at Volvo Cars, to the Trollhättan paper TTELA.

AB Volvo has been also noted that the former Saab employees are seeking jobs with them too.
Last week it was held that many Saab workers were to be employed in oil rigs and various similar facilities in Norway. As the heeds of those who wants to buy the automaker and those who have commission such sales continues at snail pace, it looks like if any body finally buys the company, it will have to operate from elsewhere because all the skills would have dispersed.
By Scancomark.se Team

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