Saab expects worker back to the factory on Thursday but still question mark of its future lingers


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Thursday, 05 May 2011
The day after news that the Chinese Hawtai has becomes part owner of Saab Automobile, Saab factory door seem to be on the way to swing open for the beginning of new set of operations in Trollhattan. The key is also to make up for the up for a month's production dropped and falling sales. What stands for Saab in the coming months is just a matter of wait-and-see.
The Swedish Debt Office has on Wednesday not yet received any request for ownership assessment by the new owners. Ownership changes should also be approved by Chinese authorities, the Swedish Government and the European Investment Bank.

It will be a cautious start to the factory where the employees are called back to the factory tomorrow, but without actual production.
A new start in the factory will be in earnest earliest next week. According to both subcontractors and President Victor Muller, it will take at least a week before the plant is in full swing again, and deliveries to the plant up and running.

Then, Saab will try to recoup one month's production dropped and as Muller himself said yesterday, Saab has lost about 4000 cars it supposed to have produced. Muller also said that Saab is going back to a production of 220 cars a day, but it is possible to increase by at least 500 vehicles per month during the remainder of the year.

“Let's say we lost the 4000 cars. But we still have eight months left to add 500 cars or more a month in the production schedule is absolutely no problem. It can be done, "said Muller.

After that it's selling well. It requires a real fresh start. How it will be done, nobody knows.
Saab had to call of its contract with its advertising agency for 19 years, when the first signs of liquidity problems showed up in late March. A new advertising agency with a new campaign would be procured, but it has been put on hold until further notice.

A new campaign is planned, however, in the U.S., according to industry body Automotive News. It's about a global campaign along with new Chinese partners Hawtai Motors and the likely investor Vladimir Antonov which is being planned, according to spokesman for Saab Cars in North America.

Last but not least, Saab requires a fresh start to attract buyers. A few days ago the monthly data for Saab Sweden showed that Saab sold 560 cars in a market that was the strongest in 22 years. Saab claims that there are 5000 Swedes who have ordered a new car which has not yet been delivered.
Today, according to figures from the U.S., Saab sold 696 cars there in April, in a market of 1.2 million.
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