Saab defense admits corruption attempts but denies paying bribes


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Saab defense admits corruption attempts but denies paying bribes
Friday, 20 May 2011
Defence group Saab admits that there was an agreement for the payment of bribes in connection with Jas fighter jet sales to South Africa but has not found anything to indicate that the amounts was actually paid.
“But we discover that there have been no transactions, we will disclose it. But there is no indication of this in one of Saab's financial statements, "said Saab CEO H�kan Buskhe to Swedish TV 4 in a press conference.


According to previous reports from Swedish television channel, TV4, Saab defense group’s subsidiary in South Africa could have offered adviser to the South African Defence Minister millions of dollars to help secure the sales of fighter jets which the government finally bought.

Saab has gone through the accounts and found that the agreement is between the subsidiary Sanip and a company called Hlongwane Consulting Limited. But despite this claim Saab say that it did not find any evidence that the sum was paid.

“Since last Tuesday, we have gone through all the statements and we can not ensure that the amounts specified in the contract that TV4 had presented in the report. Thus, all through the time operations were carried out on Saab's behalf by Sanip, no pay out of any amount to the tone of Skr80 million was identified. And because the company has been dormant since 2004, it has not paid out anything, "said H�kan Buskhe to TV4 in a press conference.
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