Saab car dealers start ditching them as it looks like the company is a ‘waste of time’


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Saturday, 20 August 2011
A big Saab dealer, Holmgrens Bil, decided on Friday to stop selling Saab cars as the company says that the contract with Saab will be withdrawn for moral reasons. Also other dealers of Saab cars are planning to the go the same direction.

According to radio Sweden, it is clear that there are few dealers who’ll reflect and perhaps be forced to do so. It costs the retailers to keep the Saab cars in the day and on empty promised to customers. The dealers have been forced to live exclusively on the servicing market, this is not sustainable.

Yesterday Holmgrens Bil based in Jonkoping, which has sold Saab cars for 20 years, announced that it had decided to stop selling just Saab cars. The reason is that Holmgrens Bil does not longer wish to represent the brand, after Saab repeatedly failed in their obligations to customers, dealers and suppliers, CEO, Benny Holmgren told radio Sweden


“For me it is very important to be able to proudly stand up and represent the brands and I do not really know what I can do so that there are no more gloomy headlines about the Saab.”

This line of thinking of Holmgrens Bil is not unique. Peter Hallberg, CEO of Saab cars dealer association says that many dealers have no confidence in Saab automobile to deliver cars to the market as required. The uncertainty about what to expect in the future is very strong and he thinks that Saab needs to become better at informing the dealers.

“It is obviously a difficult situation. We do not have products to sell and we can not get the revenues in our company that we need to push and keep staff in time. Then we do not receive appropriate information, all this make us more difficult to decide on our strategies going forward.”

Benny Holmgren is also highly critical of the Board of Saab's parent company, Swedish Automobile for greatly raising its board members fees in the spring, while the Saab factory stood still. A responsible owner will perform the work without compensation when employees are not paid,” he says.

"I am aware that many clients are attached to the brand and suffer with Saab. But what can you do when they don not produced any cars? I still think that the confidences of most customers are exhausted, "said Benny Holmgren to Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, SvD.
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