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Saab automobile’s Muller wants to dump Guy Lofalk and get new administrator
Tuesday, 11 October 2011
Saab automobile’s CEO Victor Muller is dissatisfied with Guy Lofalk, the administrator designated to assist the company go through the process of reorganisation. He wants him replaced and will be going to the district court to make that request.

This story will likely not come new following our report last Sunday about how the Swedish minister of Finance was accused of killing the deal between Geely and Saab. We also reported  that Guy Lofalk has made the arrangements to bring in Geerly at the expense of Youngman without the knowledge of Saab officials but at the authorisation of the Swedish minister of Finance, Andres Borg.

Saab has not been happy with Guy Lofalk and the next stop is for him to go. Also it is reported by Swedish business daily, Dagen Industri, that there was dissatisfaction with Lofalk’s attempt to redeem the loan from the European Investment Bank, EIB, instead of waiting for money from the Chinese, Pang Da and Youngman.

 "The government has tricked Saab and pushed it to dangerous position, for example, with the real estate business when really there has always has been reasons to run the company ruin, - allowing Saab to burn money to go bankrupt. Victor is completely destroyed, "said a source with good insight into Saab of Dagens Industri.

Cecilia Tisell, judges in Vänersborg court says, it is possible to change the administrator, but very unusual.

When Saab filed for reorganization, they asked specifically for Guy Lofalk as their administrator of choice. It now has appeared that the choice was a regrettable one.

It was Kristina Geer, who suggested him and there was trust, but it now turns that he has been working for the government and has been doing all he can to instil chaos in the ailing company, according to the source reports the paper.
By Scancomark.se Team

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