Saab automobile could be coming up with something great for the company soon.


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Tuesday, 30 August 2011
New money may be moving into the Saab in further attempts to save the short-term economic troubles in the form of wages and debts that has grounded the company for months. Reports hold that Saab CEO, Victor Muller, is to discuss the crucial loan with a strong financier.

This has to do with a “large, well-known financier, and as such we should not rush into these kind of discussion if there is a possibility, "said Peter Hallberg, CEO of Saab car dealers organisation, reports various Swedish news sources

Reports hold that after Monday's conference call with Victor Muller, then Peter Hallberg said he “breathe more hope than before in terms of Saab's future.”

"It is a major financier and what I have said about them before, makes me think this seems serious.”
The Phone meeting with Victor Muller has made Peter Hallberg much more doubtful about Saab reorganization.


"Before the conversation I went to tell him about the pros and cons of a reconstruction and that there is no doubt that reorganization would have more advantages."
"But after the meeting, I realized how important it is for Victor Muller, that Saab does the right things to all that the company owes it money."

Peter Hallberg believed now that reorganization would be seen as an emergency measure that should not take place in the first stage.
"A reconstruction would mean that both Chinese and Vladimir Antonov are drawn into the harness and may write off part of their claims.”

Gunnila Gustav of Saab's communications department would not provide any additional information about the new information and as expected, such thing even if they are true will be kept secret for a while.
"There's nothing I can comment. We go out with information when we have something ready to present. As we have said for a while now, work is underway to secure additional financing, but I can not giving any timeframe for when it can be done, "she says.

Gustav also confirms that reorganization is not excluded; confirming the fact that nothing specific is to be given out.
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