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Saab and Patria split part in Black Hawk management
Thursday, 19 January 2012
The Finnish defense group, Patria has received a service contract from the Swedish armed forces, its helicopters arm while, Saab in Linköping has also won a maintenance contract with American Sirkorsky, which produces new Swedish defence Black Hawk helicopters.

Partria, owned 73 per cent by the Finnish state and 27 percent by the European space company EADS, announced today that it received a three-year framework agreement for the maintenance of the Swedish military helicopters.


This applies to both newly purchased Hkp16 Blackhawk, the Nordic rescue helicopter Hkp14 NH90, HKP10 Super Puma, Hkp15 Agusta 109, Boeing Vertol and Hkp4 Hkp9 Bo 105.
Patria will cover up where the defences’ own maintenance staff is not enough.

At the same time defence company Saab in Linköping  also received orders to take part in the production in Black Hawk, from the  suppliers Sirkorsky in the U.S. to take care of maintenance on the 15 purchased Black Hawk helicopters that the Swedish armed forces purchased, two of which have been delivered.

Saab is the extended arm of Sirkoskys in Sweden and is responsible for the scheduled maintenance programs on the helicopters while Patria helping the defence with the daily maintenance and service "on board".

At Saab in Linköping, it is said that the maintenance contract for helicopters has become an increasingly important activity for Saab.

The Finnish defense group Patria knocked BAE Hagglunds in the vast terrain vehicle procurement in summer of 2009 when the Swedish defence chose Patria AMV armored terrain vehicle in front Hagglund’s Alligator redesigned in September.
By Scancomark.se Team 

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