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Ryanair could start flying internally in Sweden and dream of transatlantic routes to challenge SAS
Tuesday, 04 October 2011
The Irish airline Ryanair is reported to be planning to start flying domestic routes in Sweden as well as dreaming of designing transatlantic routes from Sweden.

Swedish tabloid newspaper, aftonbladet.se reports that the goal is for the company to establish itself in the seven new airports in Sweden. A single ticket will cost from Skr90 and the routes that are targeted are routes in central and northern Sweden.

“It would be a great success if we have one or two new airports in the summer of 2012,” says CEO Michael O'Leary to the site of Aftonbladet.
Ryanair is to launch discussions with the airports in Sweden within three weeks. O'Leary told the newspaper that a few years ago representatives from Swedish airports did not even want to talk to Ryanair.

“But now they see that SAS has problems and they do not want to lose traffic,” he says.
The low cost giant has for years talked about the creation of long distant routes between Europe and the USA.

“We want to have departures from the Stockholm and ten to twelve destinations in the U.S. For example, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago ... maybe even places where many Swedish descendants live,” says Michael O'Leary.

Something concrete in this way will not be out at least three to four years times. O'Leary is waiting for cheaper aircraft - today's long-range machines are too expensive.
He believes that there is no point to fly across the Atlantic for half the price of example SAS.  It would only lead to the SAS lowering its prices.

In Ryanair's world, exclusive business lounger at airports and business class with more legroom will disappear. Passengers do not want these services according to Ryanair. It is the price which is interesting. Average rates on domestic flights should, according to O'Leary be about half of current levels. The cheapest tickets will land in just over SEK 90 one way.

“The lowest fares for U.S. routes will be one-tenth of the SAS's prices, Skr100 for the ticket, an additional Skr100 for luggage, Skr100 for food and Skr20  to see movies and so on,” says Michael O'Leary.
By Scancomark.se

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