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Russian Financier, Antonov’s  money in Saab gone up in smoke
Monday, 19 December 2011
Spyker Cars (now Swedish Automobile) bought Saab in February 2010 by money largely owned by Vladimir Antonov which was lent toVictor Muller's company, Tenaci. In this way, Antonov bought out by direct owners - a requirement for the Saab deal could be implemented.

Muller has under his own admission agreed that he borrowed about Skr700 million from Antonov.

Now Antonov is being investigated for financial crimes where his banks are suspected of involvement in multi-billion dollar scam.
Muller argues that there is no risk that the money indirectly which financed the Saab acquisition can be linked to crime.
"The money did not come from his banks, "said Muller, without wanting to go into the exact source Antonov got the money from.

"He is a billionaire. He has many sources,” as Muller still believe in his Russian friend.
"He's just suspicious. I would be surprised if he is convicted. But this is my personal opinion."

When asked how he will repay the loans to Antonov, Muller responds to the loan structure is such that he does not need it.
"Unless Swan can pay back, it does not need Tenaci pay either. That money is gone. It means nothing to me personally because it was not my money. My money is gone, about Skr13 million, but that is to be a businessman,” he says.
By Scancomark.se Team

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