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Reports of a new owner heading the Saab way
Tuesday, 29 November 2011
A third owner may be heading into the Saab Automobile business and could be able to untangle the knot the company is tied into right now

According to news reports in Sweden, it is hoped that the arrival of a new member in the ownership side could provide a solution to appease both the GM and the Chinese super-department NDRC.

The third party is reported to be entering as a possible co-owner of Saab Automobile. Probes are also under way with several Chinese regional government funds according to reports and specifically there are talks with funds in the province of Erdos, formerly known as inner Mongolia, where Youngman has factories.

A solution with a third Chinese owners would meet GM's requirements that the automaker Youngman should not have majority ownership, while NDRC's requirement for a 100-percent Chinese ownership are met.

The new ownership structure would resemble that of Volvo Cars. Saab administrator Guy Lofalk , according to Dagen Industri, is in the U.S. to use the Swedish ambassador to meet GM representatives.
Green light from GM is required to deal with the Chinese interest parties Pang Da and Youngman so that their deal could be implemented.
By Scancomark.se Team

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