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Rachel Pang to attend the hearing about Saab re-organisation pursuit
Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Rachel Pang, president of Chinese Youngman, will be present at the meeting of Saab’s restructuring talks at the Vänersborg court on Monday, which Saab Automobile sought to talk about its future.

Saab has requested to continued re-organisation of the company and to escape bankruptcy application as the appointed operator of the reorganisation,, Guy Lofalk, called for the restructuring to end.

Saab's request to have additional time for the reorganisation because following the original plan, the company had until 13 o'clock on Thursday to present the plans for the future and justify why the restructuring should continue.

Instead of written reports, Saab has requested a hearing "because a meeting is likely to be advantageous for the investigation and thus accelerate the hearing of the case."

Muller must justify why Lofalk is wrong when he wants to stop re-organisation. The same applies Rachel Pang. She is coming in from China to attend the session in the court.

Youngman has sent approximately €30 million to Saab on Tuesday to cover emergency expenses. No money for salaries has been seen.
Victor Muller has been openly critical of Guy Lofalk’s  way of managing the re-organisation  operations. Nothing is said, however, in the letter Saab sent to the district court that Saab wants Lofalk to be replaced.

Previously, the requests for a change have been discussed, but there has never been any formal request to the law for that to happen.
By Scancomark.se Team

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