Pang Da, Saabs news buddy in China wants to sell 10 000 Saabs in China by 2011


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Thursday, 19 May 2011
Pang Da intends to sell Saab cars in China from 50 outlets this year and aims to get 10 000 imported Saabs cars into the Chinese market before 2012. Saab could be heading for a jack pot with Pang Da

According to Wang Yin, Pang Da’s board secretary which has chant with Reuters news agency on Thursday, that is today, sales will be made through a joint venture between Spyker Cars and the Chinese partner.

Within two years, Saab will also produce Saab Cars in China, according to Wang Yin.
Pang Da, is based in Tangshan north of Beijing, according to Reuters with 926 outlets where it sells 83 brands. It also has a special contract with Subaru which is sold in 102 stores.


Pang Da according to the company is to open 400 showrooms this year, mostly in smaller towns in central, western and central China.

Whatever the plans with Spyker to carry out manufacturing of Saab cars in china is, Pang Da wants to focus on sales rather than production, according to Wang Yin.

The Chinese announcement that it intends to sell 10 000 Saabs imported this year, should give a lot of jobs in Trollh�ttan.

Pang Da has already paid €30 million to Saab and it may, according to Victor Muller's calculations at a press conference the other day, cover about 1300 cars.

More cars for €15 million within 30 days could be expected if Pang Da decides to go ahead with the Saab. If prices remain the same for the future, it’ll means that an additional approximately 8000 cars for €180 million to reach Pang Das destination of 10 000 Saabs sold in China by 2011.
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