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Operation still going at Saab automobile despite the company still seeking buyer

Tuesday, 13 March 2012
The Saab bankruptcy administrators will continue to keep operations in Saab active while seller sought for the assets of the company as a whole. A number of foreign and domestic stakeholders are still in the game of buying Saab, and now they will be joined by Saab specialists for answers to their questions.

Bankruptcy administration has gone into a calmer stage, but managers continue their efforts to seek sellers of Saab Automobile as a whole. It was said on Tuesday.
"We do not have any reason to change that direction, "said bankruptcy trustee Anne-Marie Pouteaux at a question and answer session with the press.

The administrators continue to put a lid on the companies and bodies that have shown interest in Saab and what they are offering. But a number of Swedish and foreign speculators are interested in buying Saab as a whole, confirmed Anne-Marie Pouteaux.

The administrators are connected at this stage to stakeholders with both Saab Specialists and "other parties", according to Anne-Marie Pouteaux without comment on what the other parties are.

As we have written in the past the officials of the Chinese Youngman, one of the companies interested in Saab, visited the Swedish Ministry of Finance during a visit to Sweden.
The administrators arranged continuously visit of the Saab factory, according to Anne-Marie Pouteaux.

In meetings with technicians, engineers and marketers from Saab, stakeholders and stakeholder experts to ask questions about technology development and equipment, according to Anne-Marie Pouteaux is what has been taking place.

As we know, GM do not want to transfer their technology licenses to a new owner for Saab.
Bankruptcy managers still plan to sell the company as a whole sale and hope that it shall be completed before summer. Until then they keep factory warm and provides it with water, heating, security guards and maintenance of computers.

To keep the estate for alive the administrators continue to sell off assets that are not considered necessary for Saab to be relied on when it is sold as a whole, including cars and scrap materials.

"We keep a sufficient command of our liquidity and our cash so we do not run ourselves into the tile, "said Anne-Marie Pouteaux.

A few hundred employees left on the Saab floor, and the administrators are now also over-staffed, according to Anne-Marie Pouteaux.

Efforts to make a so-called nominee's story, where the administrators investigate what precedes the bankruptcy, has already begun but is expected to be completed until autumn.
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